I just wrote this song for my band. It is far from done. The keyboard is still missing and I'm not sure about the vocals and the solo but I'd still like to hear opinions so tell me what you think about it.
Thanks. C4C.
Intro (1-4): Kinda interesting. Had a sort of Nirvana feel. Notes sounded kinda off. Bar 3 sounds like it should of repeated bar 1, and the last note on bar 4 seemed kinda unnecessary. Overall I like what you're going at.

Verse 1 (5-12): I like the bass guitar on this, kinda kickass sounding, drums were good, once again with the guitar, and the vocals seemed kinda too high, maybe if you lowered the notes down. But I like the depressing tone it has.

Solo 1 (13-20): Solo was solid, bass sounded a bit off key and the drums seemed like they were written too hard to sound good. Only complaint is that you should probably get a rhythm guitar in there, it might tie the solo better together with the song.

Verse 2 (21-28): And here's what I'm getting at like I said with the solo. You've got high lead notes going on, you probably need a rhythm guitar to back it up and the bass seems like it's doing it's own thing. You need to tie all the notes together. Keep the bass going with the notes of the lead and maybe add a rhythm guitar to back up the bass.

Chorus (29-36): Loved the chorus, I thought it was really hard hitting and caught me by surprise. Percussion was great, only complaint here is the symbols on the percussion are kind of annoying. Try using quarter crashes instead of eighth high hats.

Verse 3 (37-44): Same what I said about Verse 1. Just lemme emphasize on the vocals by again saying, they sound a bit too high.

Chorus (45-53): Same like I said before. I just felt it came a bit too early (That's what she said?), you might wanna wait a while with the verse. When you get lyrics in there, it tends to destroy some of the repetition going on, so don't be afraid to lengthen the song.

Verse 4 (54-61): Like what I said about verse 2, but it's a bit short, you might wanna lengthen it (That's what she said).

Solo 3 (62-69): Can't say much about this since as you said, it hasn't been done. But the treble notes on the guitar might not work when you write the keyboard solo.

Solo 3 (70-77): (Previous solo should be "Solo 2") Kinda like what I said about the last solo, might need a rhythm playing some power chords or something. But I did like sound of it, leads were good, bass and drums were good, strings gave it a bit more epic sound but they were a bit loud. I also wasn't too much of a fan of the string roll at the end.

Chorus (78-88): Like I said before, loved it. Felt like the last note was a bit too happy, try going with a deeper chord.

Overall: I'd say it's a solid song you got going on, has a sort of Nirvana feel, overall I think it might need work and to differentiate between rhythm and lead guitar tracks. You need to tie all the instruments together better as well. But as I say with all my critiques, it's your song, this is just my opinion, write to how you wanna hear.

Great work.

[ C4C ]