I'm just starting to try to learn songs by ear and i'm kind of struggling. So, i'm wondering what types of songs would be easier for a beginner to start out with. Can anyone give some examples of songs and things i should look out for?
The first song I learned in its entirety by ear was the star spangled banner, so that could work. Really, anything you've heard a thousand times isn't too bad. I think everybody should sort of have their own version of their country's anthem anyway haha
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Before you start learning songs by ear you should be able to at least tell the difference between basic chord types. Major, Minor, Suspended 2nd, Suspended 4th, Major 7th, Minor 7th, Dominant 7th, and maybe Diminished and Augmented chords too. But those aren't really used too much these days. Once you have a good grasp of how basic chords sound you really just need to apply this knowledge.
if you can play smoke on the water you can play iron man or la grange without doing much
i that i recenly learned by ear how to play by ear is bridge of sighs by robin trowers
For songs you learn by ear, start with songs that are extremely riff oriented, built around basic chords or are very melodic instrumental pieces. With the chords, you'll have a easy to hear part that you can match to using trial and error pretty quickly. Just look for stuff that you can hear the chords and the rhythm really well. Simple riffs and melody lines are just things that are pretty easy to hear.

Just make sure that after you figure it out by ear and think that you have have it well, look up a good tab of it. That way if you made mistakes you'll be able to see and hear what they are and you can improve on your playing.

Here are some things off of the top of my head that would be easy to learn by ear. Lightning Crashes, Fell in Love with a Girl and some of the otherz= simple White Stripe stuff, most things by Black Sabbath or Deep Purple (the riffs at least), some Modest Mouse, some Nirvana, and Wolfmother's first album isn't very hard either. There are some ideas for trying stuff out.
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