Don't know about the Carvin but i have heard that the SVT7PRO's are really bad, build quality wise
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I think Carvin is pretty well known as transparent amps, but that's just off what I've heard as I've never owned one of their amps. I do love their basses though.

The SVT-7 Pro is basically the 3-Pro with more power and features, no? I love my SVT-3, but if you're not looking for that classic Ampeg sound and want to take your tone in a different direction, you might want to take the Carvin.
The SVT 7 is amazing sound-wise. But I've heard too many bad things about them quality wise to actually buy one. If you're looking for tube sound, then I'd probably go with a tube preamp and a power amp. But if you're looking for a transparent sound, then go for the carvin.
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