title says it, I want to get an amp to play at a small venue (the place is a little smaller than a basketball gym).

I want something that can do a classic clean Stratocaster tone but some light rock also.

$200 is pretty much the most I want to pay. GC is selling the Fender 65R for 200 but it seems to have mixed reviews...

any ideas?
what would be the minimum acceptable amp then?

I mean, the place is rarely filled and when we do shows its usually the type where people are quietly watching. Not trying to knock anyone's socks off.
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Also, I have a multi effects pedal which I run straight through the clean channel - I don't need many effects on the amp
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Forgive my noob-ness when it comes to this but bear with me.

More wattage means more volume, right? In the past I used a 25 watt at this particular venue and it worked, but barely good enough. I figured a 65 watt would give me a considerable boost in power and volume. There will be drums, but even the 25 watt could hold its own - or maybe it sounded good to me but not the audience?

To clarify, im playing at a cafeteria with about 200 people MAX.