So a buddy of mine told me I should check that out, yet another cheap JCM 800 clone. But even more so said to be pretty much the same as the Sovtek Mig. While I would love the sovtek i'm not sure if I can afford one right now. I saw a MK60 head on ebay for like $150 right now. Anyone have any experience with them?

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I've never played the MK60, but I've played the MK120. Great head, especially for that price. It's definitely JCM800ish, but it does have its own unique sound to it, very smooth and bassy. It doesn't have modern metal gain on tap but it'll do classic rock stuff just fine. Also, it is very different from a mig. It's a lot smoother, I find the mig to be a bit sharp and gritty for my tastes.
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For a second I thought you meant these:

And I was like... for $150?!?!?!?! IM GETTING IT. But alas I mixed my names up.

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