i think the term progressive as been much over used to describe a genre...

anyways heres a song ive been working on for a hardcore project but i thought id add some leads here and there, lemme know what you think!
song 1.gp5
Hi tom

best hardcore i've heard for a while!
I loved every part of it dude

the riff just after bar 11 was totally killer!
makes me want to learn that riff and jam over and over to it!

make more plzzz
good work dude!
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I really dug it. The riffs were cool, had a catchy vibe to them that didn't interfere with the heaviness in the least. The problem with catchiness is that it makes this "totally not hardcore". Being a teenager of the not-retarded variety, I'd give it a 8/10. Kind of generic, but pretty awesome. Also, I really want to work on some of the bass lines in here. And add some for the end of the song.