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After getting back into guitar, everytime I'm playing I always have to think to myself "whats the point of this? why am I doing it?" and it makes me want to stop. Why do we play guitar? What is the point of it? Why am I wondering?
Why do we do anything?
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Maybe you're into the wrong thing, mate. I'm not trying to sound pretentious but my guitar is sitting right next to me now, i wanna play so bad but everyone in the house is sleeping. I suck at guitar, but i just want to.

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So we can get better. And then we stop asking ourselves that stupid question.
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(Veeerrrryyyyy tempted to write sex.........oh wait)

I do it because I love to do it. The ability of being able to play what you like whenever you want feels great alongside with the feeling of creating something of your own and being able to share it with others.
I love music and I want to make a career out of it
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Cause we're bored.
What are you dense?
Are you retarded or something?
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To be awesome. Everyone knows that guitar = awesomeness

Srsly though, i do it because i love music and i wanna be able to do it myself.
Because then you´re cool.



EDIT: Ok seriously though, maybe you´re just not feeling motivated enough to do it. Like an above poster said, it might not be your thing, but don´t give up until you really know it.
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I love music and I want to make a career out of it

My family told me i would never make it...eventualy I started to believe them then slowly I lost the desire to play. When I started playing again I kept asking myself why.
Because it's fun, and it helps alot with songwriting.
I also sing alot better when I'm playing my guitar. I also enjoy just jamming, and shit.
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I use it as a front to sell drugs, why else would I play guitar?
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Fun and makes me happy and gives me something to do

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Why do we do anything?

Why do I shot web?

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s'possed to be fun. fool

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My family told me i would never make it...eventualy I started to believe them then slowly I lost the desire to play. When I started playing again I kept asking myself why.

Damn, dude... that sucks. Most of my family likes and encourages my playing and music, or so they say.

OT: I play because it gives me something fun and rewarding to do.

And over my entire life, I've always been involved in something with music. My family actually saw I really liked music, and is why they got me a guitar and recording software.
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i play cause i like making music. i played trumpet first, but i play guitar more now cause its more versatile and visual. I might start playing more trumpet though. I write and record music daily.
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I love the feeling of making intangible emotions flow from my fingertips and for a brief time be suspended in midair for all to hear. It's an emotional connection, and if you don't feel it then it probably isn't right for you. You can't force yourself to enjoy something.

EDIT: Oh and this:

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I barely play anymore. It became less about fun and more of a chore after I learned a great deal of it. I'm too lazy to progress and learning songs is boring.
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It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

Because I love it. It's the only thing I have ever loved doing. If I didn't play guitar, I do not know where I would be... i would be a total chavvy **** probably, or just a total waster.
That's a good one, TS.
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You can't let what others think get you down man! Obviously you found something you liked about playing so you have continued to pick it up even if it feels negative. If all else fails just try and stay positive and if you love playing don't let anyone tell you you can't be good or you won't succeed. ALL of us have that potential man, its what we do with that potential that matters
Because we still get paid to teach when we can't get gigs.
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I play for that feeling of power, I feel powerful when I play on stage with my friends and bandmates and I love expressing myself through music.
I play guitar so I can play the music I listen to. I used to play trumpet, and while that wasn't bad, I didn't particularly enjoy listening to the music (although some jazz isn't bad). I just couldn't play Metallica on a trumpet, ya know? My music tastes were shifting away from the instrument I was playing.
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i play because i love to play and would eventually like to write music that i actually like, but i have yet to write anything that i like.
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I play guitar because it's a tool to create music, nothing more nothing less, and creating music is just something I love to do. Same reason I play any instrument I play.
I love music. I always wanted to learn to play piano, but my uncle showed me the guitar and I started borrowing guitars. I was self taught for all of it until five months ago when I started taking lessons (and I still suck horribly and now I can't even use being self tuaght as an excuse).

Here I am now. I still haven't started learning the piano, mainly because I'd rather stick to guitar until I actually get half decent, then start learning piano.
Just to have something to do and to be proud of. And just to be like "yo dude watch this!". And ot have something Im actually good at sorta kinda lol.
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I wouldn't be able to give it up if i tried to. It has a hold over me. Thats why i play, not because i choose to, but because i can not choose not to.
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