sorry for the size
but can you tell what kind of wood this is just by looking at it? and is it ok if i use lemonoil on it?
Rosewood and yes, lemon oil is fine but one of the specialty guitar products is a bit more effective. As long as what you're using doesn't have silicon in it, you're good.
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We talking about the fretboard? Looks like rosewood to me. Yeah lemon oil should be fine
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that looks really dirty. if i were you i would pre clean with rubbing alcohol on a rag thats more dry than wet with the alcohol. get it till it looks clean enough and then do a final clean with a very small amount of lemon oil. remember more dry than wet for both substances when applying them to the rag.
I like using the Meguiars kit that fender sales. I have a bottle of lemon oil too but I use that stuff to treat the wood more than to clean it. Thats just a suggestion, but you can clean it with that too.
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