So I don't really know much theory but I was kinda wondering, is there any music theory reason for why bends (done properly) sound so "eargasmic"?
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Tension and release.

Often times this is the case.
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There's no "theory" behind bends other than intervals - bends are simply a dynamic choice, just another way of transitioning between two notes. It's the closest you can get to mimicing vocal inflections on the guitar without using any effects which is why they sound so expressive to our ears.
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Its not a dynamic choice, it is an articulation.

Often times bends are used in conjuction with a suspension or neighboring tone, in which case tension and relase occur.

You can merely bend up or down down to a note. Or at the begining or end of a note.

In my opinion it is a very transitional articulation, in that there is a strong sense of motion involved.
I find bends to be very brutal, for some reason. It's the fact that you're hearing EVERY pitch in-between two notes, i think.