im always trying to get the artificial harmonics but they never sound out. it always sounds like the regular note. can anyone help me?
Hey, you must pick the string and almost simontaneously touch the string with your thumb. On different spots on the strings, you'll get different sounds.

Good luck mate
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Try moving your pick up and down the string until you find a spot where you can make the pinched harmonic ring out. The nature of how harmonics work force you to touch the string at a certain spot in the vibration in order to cancel out the other tones to make it sound like the wails (higher tones) you are trying for. Oh also - lots of gain...

This guide has some diagrams to explain what I'm talking about: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/columns/the_guide_to/the_ultimate_guide_to_guitar_chapter_iii_4_technique_-_harmonics.html
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