hey guys

I am looking for a boost pedal to boost the ultra gain channel on my Marshall DSL 2000.

My options so far are:

MXR 10 band EQ
Tube Screamer

What is the best one...well actually..the one that can provide a good modifiable boost without sucking away my amp's natural tone?
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i have a Boss OD2 (turbo overdrive) and a bad monkey. not completely liking the bland grating tone of the bad monkey. like the mids of the boss alot, so im assuming if you just got a real tube screamer that you would like it even more. the DSL likes the boost to be mid aggressive otherwise it sounds lacking in the mids. so i say ibanez tube screamer, or go the cheaper route and get a ibanez TS7 for 30-40 bucks and have 95% the same tone as a TS9.
I have a JCM 2000 and use a Classic Overdrive from MXR> Best 30 bucks i ever spent. It sounds amazing. You will be totally surprised
What kind of boost do you want?
If you want to completely preserve your tone, and just add volume, look at a clean boost. Catalinbread make some sick ones.

If you want to tighten it up without messing frequencies up too much, you wan't a transparent OD pedal like the timmy or kanji.

A TS-9 will add a mid hump, and the EQ will let you customize what frequencies you raise/cut, almost like a third channel
I like Tubescreamers the best because they have a warm sound which fattens up lead tones quite a bit.

Also the overdrive on DSL 100s can be slightly flubby when palm muting.... and the Tubescreamer completely tightens it up. It's like magic!

I have these 4 and I love 'em all!

If you're just looking for a significant clean boost get a CAE Line Driver/Boost and run it through the effects loop and you've got yourself a footswitchable master volume. Works like a charm for me.
For Marshalls, I like to use the Fulltone OCD.
In HP mode the boost is warm with great added harmonics and sustain. Very amp like tone. In the LP mode the OCD is more transparent, very smooth and has solid, thick bass response.
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