real quick, im not exactly a song writing wiz, and i am a 'youth' so this is not ment to be offensive, but critical.

So what if my hair doesnt match my shoes?
Its all you care about, have you ever seen the news?
Real things happen in this world, not that you would care.
Your to obsesses with the f**king clothes you wear.

Maybe open your eyes and there's a chance you'd see
that not everyone shops at abercrombie
infact they're daddies arent as rich as yours
and not everyone is a spoiled wh*re

If the future of the country is today's f**king youth...
america is going to burn from its roots
when all the kids care about is the next big thing
it tells you why we're plumiting

the future (doesn't care)
the future (state of afairs)
is done for
when no one cares
who do we go to?
when no one knows
who do we ask?
maybe we should look into educating the youth
Spoon + Pen = Spen
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What would be the best bass string size to play something like Slipknot

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No strings. If you're playing Slipknot, you don't deserve strings.