im always goin to music stores trying out different basses and stuff but i never know what kind of amp to plug into. i want somthing that will reflect the bass's natural tone without adding too much to it. yknow.
I attempt to find something close to my own amp, or an amp that I've played before so I know what sound it produces.
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And stuff...

On playing bass.
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Plug into the amp that you got. And whats wrong with ampeg^?

Ampeg is great, except that its not transparent. Much of the tone you hear from an Ampeg comes from the Ampeg and not the bass.

Actually, if you frequent GC, Acoustics are not bad for testing out the actual tone. I'd try it through Hartke's as well. Both are fairly transparent amps.
Ditto to Hartke and Acoustic. I'd say Peavey and Fender are pretty transparent as well. As mentioned set a flat EQ and make sure any additional features are turned off.
thanks everyone!
can't wait to hear all those naked tones shine through in the amp room