Hey, it's my first time posting on the forums, but I've been searching through the threads on the topic, and so far the most useful thing that I could find a pod X3 (non live version) suits my needs best. What concerns me is that half of the people seem to think it sounds terrible and/or has a bad interface.

I've been playing on tube amps for the past 13 years, so I know my pedals, but have no clue about effects units. I need something that is portable for when I'm on the road (with my laptop) and that has a headphone jack. If possible, I would like it to sound half decent and have the basic effects (delay, phaser, chorus, etc...) that are fairly good.

I'm hoping for some criticism on the x3 and suggestions towards any other units that won't be completely disappointing.
Thanks for reading.
Recorded a CD on the X3 Live, worked for me. You can hear some of the tracks on my profile. I think that Derealization and Warmbier have the best tones though.
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