I helped arrange it, so I figure it belongs here as much as anywhere.

First time I've ever recorded someone other than me. It was interesting because I didn't know their material very well (and neither did they) but also because I had to redo all my mixing and tones to suit their playing. I had to edit the shit out of it to get it all in time, which wasn't very good. It's just lacking vocals at this stage I think, to be done at another session.

I'm using Reaper, TSEX30 and DFH. I don't have monitors or a DI/interface. I'm using my stereo and plugging guitar/bass into the little red mic socket they have for game mics and such. Far from ideal, but it's all I have.

Tell me what sucks about it so I can improve it! I know a few flaws that I can fix when I go back in to mix again but my ears are tired at the moment. I would appreciate any comments at all.

Link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1926148/double%20sided%20butt%20sex.mp3

Updated mix!


Cheers guys,
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