So after having posted a thread on here last weekend of whether I should try to learn guitar again after many failures in middle school and high school with reading music notation. (Which always came before the actual playing of the guitar) I decided to do things differently. I picked up my classical guitar one last time and decided to take a different approach. Learn with tabs.

I picked up a guitar for dummies book and started playing away, The companion CD helps a lot to see if your playing is accurate and sounds how its suppose to. It has got to be one of the best books I have bought this year. 2 days later I can play Kumbaya and blue moon! (Along with many chords) Yes they are extremely simple songs but you know what I don't think Iv ever been so proud of myself even when I got accepted into my university; I sort of knew it was already going to happen. 3.5 GPA Debate team, Honors student, GE done I could predict it.

With this, I could have never predicted it! (I was actually predicting swift failure) I would have never even figured I could learn anything in the music world at all. I always felt as If I was simply not musically capable but now even though its really simple I am having different opinions and most importantly actually having fun playing and learning!

I'm so glad I decided to try again. These rapid successes are further inspiring me to continue playing guitar. I actually plan to stop my mmorpg subscription at the end of this month to continue to spend more time practicing without distractions. I never knew guitar could be so enjoyable it was just a matter of finding a learning method that didn't feel like torture to me.

I am now waiting for "Classical Guitar for dummies" While Guitar for Dummies is a good general overview I want to learn to play more classical music styles so I am eager for it to come in the mail, perhaps that book will teach me more on the style I want

I'm sure learning musical notation and how to properly read music is a helpful skill to have. And I do plan to take a classical guitar for beginners class at my college in 2 months when the fall semester starts, but I am no longer going to beat myself up If I can't learn music that way or if I end up not being able to get very good at it. I'm so happy people suggested Tabs on here I would have never given it a shot if not for the passionate arguments made on its behalf by many.

Thank you.
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congratulations! i'm so glad you tried this, and that it's working for you. sounds like you're having a blast. and i'd say this goes to show that there is no one "right way" to learn to play
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I actually plan to stop my mmorpg subscription at the end of this month to continue to spend more time practicing without distractions.

Dude, maybe that was the issue
Seriously, though, during this past year, gaming sucked way too much time out of my guitar playing. Hopefully, with my new acoustic, I can resist my computer's call this year...and my Gamecube...and the PS3...
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Quote by alazar14

I actually plan to stop my mmorpg subscription at the end of this month to continue to spend more time practicing without distractions.

If you love playing guitar, it shouldn't matter even if you have a mmorpg subscription. You play guitar because you want to. If you like playing mmorpg's too you should not stop playing them because it is something you enjoy. The way you added the word 'plan' is your subconscious telling you it doesn't want you to quit playing. Right now, even if you quit, you won't be satisfied. These are just my thoughts on this. I'm not saying I know enough about you to be able to tell you how you think. So do what you feel is right. Good luck on your journey.
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Good stuff! Glad you could finally find a method that truly works. Although I started my love for playing music when I was in elementary school on the piano, I picked up music by reading notes and playing classical. Now as a college student, I haven't stopped playing piano and the note reading still sticks with me. After buying my first real acoustic just a few days ago, I have grown to love learning in new ways too! Tabs (and chords) are probably the easiest way of picking up songs even though I know how to read notes. Kinda funny I say that even though I've played by note-reading for 10 years more than I have using ultimate-guitar. haha! Just keep the music in your fingers and don't let it go. Perhaps one day you'll find note reading to be easy too, then imagine how versatile you could be, anywhere, anytime!