Hello ladies and gents, I'm having a bit of trouble.

I've started growing out my nails on my right hand for fingerpicking, but as they get longer it seems I'm having trouble with getting dirt under my nails they get cleaned every time I take a shower but in less than a day they get dirty again. This only happens under my right hand nails; my left hand nails, which I've kept trimmed, stay perfectly clean. Any ideas what I can do? I also clean them with the little nail cleaner tool in nail clippers, but that doesn't last long either. Does anyone else have this problem and if so what do you do? I guess I could deal with it, but it will probably gross other people out.

Pretty much just get used to washing your hands a lot and using those fingernail brushes from most autoparts stores a bit.

Unfortunately there isn't much you can do.
Or avoid the dirt ;-) But yeah, it's heavy maintenance at times.
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Wash your hands regularly, and be prepared to pick dirt out from underneath your fingernails each time you do.
Carry a knife... Your nails don't have to be particularly long to be effective for fingerstyle; just long enough to lightly brush the string.
Classical players spend a great deal of time getting them exactly right, with a bit of nail and a bit of flesh touching the string.
Dirt? Tell me about it. I work on bicycles and do a lot of woodworking and such... It's a constant battle.
Yeah... Not much you can do about it. Just keep washing under there as best you can.
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