Just finished a pretty good book (Streams of Babebi by Carol Plum-Ucci) and i just found myself rambling in MS word. Critique as you wish, and i'll do the same for you.

We stand
Sitting, staring
Breathing, not caring
Stopping, Starting
I patiently wait for
The answer
Who am I?
Only time will tell
Or so they say

When one finds
That they understand
Both sides, both minds
How does one choose
Friend or foe?
How can one decide which is which?
I ask myself this
As I sit,
Patiently waiting for the answer.

For too long materials;
They consume us
Cars, houses, jewelry
They say being rich is a blessing
But when your wealth is consumed in items
Items which with we can live without,
How can we deem a value for them?
I ask myself this
As I sit,
Patiently waiting for the answer.

This world;
It consumes all
The elite rule,
As the pawns live as they are told.
When in Rome,
Do as the Romans do.
And as such, these pawns are no different
Playing into the hands of the hand that feeds it
Not daring to question,
Just playing by the rules

So now I ask you, what is freedom?
How do you define your life?
How can one compare freedom, to oppression,
If one knows not the other side.
If one does not know which they belong to.
For oppression is subjective, and so is freedom
Crashing down
For this is what we will all see.
Crashing down
Down into oblivion.
I ask thee for a simpler time.
When to do as the Romans did
Was to drink mead,
Watch gladiators
True warriors. True fighting and skill.
The wars of today reflect this time no longer

We stand
The chosen few
As the page within
Has been torn, crumbled.
It has been lit ablaze.
Fiery winds light this world
World ablaze
As I sit.
Waiting for the answer.
The answer locked within.
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