Hey guys, I like your band a lot. I'm in love with Protest the Hero's music and I can see some comparisons.

A few things that came to mind when I was listening:
1. next time double track the rhythm guitar or pan both the guitars to the middle a little more.
2. there were a few notes that could have been better for me, but I guess that is up to the song writer.
3. I would like to hear more part oriented songs. Sometimes in the songs, the parts kind of blend together and I can't really remember too much from the songs. The transitions were good but dramatic mood changes or more time signature changes would be pretty cool.

Overall, good stuff. Very versatile singing which is awesome. And the bass was awesome. You guys should do a bass lead part. Not solo but just a part. Also, what about keyboards?

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Hey man! Thanks a lot for the tips! I think we'll work on the mix a little more for the ep release. My bassist said he still wanted to work on the song a bit but I posted it anyway haha.

We have a few other songs that have some time signature changes and mood changes... but I don't have recordings of them yet. Not good quality ones anyway. I'm glad you enjoyed the music, we have one song where the bassist has some nice lead parts but nothing too crazy. Keyboard... we don't have one but we're thinking about getting one of our good friends to guest in one of the songs (ala Protest the Hero) and write a solo. He's in a band called Annex Theory if you want to check them out.

I checked out your band and all I can say is awesome! I'll send you a friend request!
Yeah dude, I know how it is trying to record. Its either super expensive or if you do it yourself, there's a bunch of other issues...

A keyboard solo would be awesome. We would do the same if we could only find one here in Columbus.

Thanks for the comment on the song and the add. Stay in touch man, maybe one day we can play in Canada or vise-versa.