I would like to start writing my own music. I have been playing for about a year. However, I never have any emotions that are very powerful, so I never have anything to write about. I don't commonly get emotional or anything. It is very hard to find inspiration about lyrics. I find it very easy to write the music but the lyrics are just impossible for me right now. Basically, I am trying to write classic rock and 80's rock music. Any tips for finding more inspiration would be much appreciated.

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if that dont work maybe try to get passionate about something
and if that dont work write about love
Practice by thinking of any subject and start making verses about it. You just need to get the feel of it and when you think of something important it should be easier.
Come up with anything to write about. If you find a line or two that's good you should be able to work around it and come up with something off there
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Write all the time. Even if you're not writing songs, just keep writing about anything.

For example, I just started writing in a journal, because I was having problems of thinking of something to write about. After a week or two of writing in the journal, not only did I get writing experience, I also had two weeks of things going on in my life that I thought were important, that I could write a song about. mabey you could try something like that too.
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