I watched as the people came into my life
I couldn't believe my eyes
As they barged through my door

Wasn't surprised, when they left
When He came and took it away

Took it all, didn't ask
They all left, I still stand

Some people stayed
Didn't move
Didn't realize he's got more groove

Now I ask myself
Will she go as well ?

I feel, like my life
Isn't mine, anymore
He does it all
Way, better than me
Better than me

Friends realized, they're all gone
And yet I have, nothing to say
He is practically
The best friend I have
So I can't
Really complain

It's been nice
Something new

Not surprised
It took so short
To, get rid of it all

Had friends, at one time
Then he came, took them away

People now, barely say "Hi."
People, with which
I used to talk
Used to spend my time
Now they all, push me away
Shake His hand
While I just stand
And wonder if I should go away
Or wait, for them to notice
I'm still alive

But they don't
So I say
"Get further away !"

I understand
That He is better
I understand
It usually goes this way
It ain't gonna get any better

Same as always, I'll stand alone
With earphones
I'll say to world
"Go away !"
I'll hug her
Not let her go His way
And if she does, in the end leave
It will just, prove my point

At one time, I had friends
Now they're gone
He took almost all of them

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"One bourbon, one scotch, one beer" *And one deadman, walking this land, with nothing, but a drink in his hand.*

C4C ?
And that's life , Empty Shell