I have a "Legend - Premium Edition" Electic Guitar. Basically a Les Paul Copy.

It came with a plastic nut that was filed all the way through in an attempt to lower the action. I replaced the nut then raised the bridge and there was a dramatic change in sound, the fret buzz was gone. The guitar was music to my ears.

Untill i dropped my guitar.

It seems like there is a buzz INSIDE the neck. There are definately no strings touching the fretboard when they're vibrating. I think the wood underneath the fretboard is broken.

Has anyone else encountered this before?
It could be your truss rod vibrating. Often these are secured from vibration with a few dabs of silicone. Sounds like some of that might have come loose.

If your TR is loose, you could try tightening until it just engages, but not enough to affect your relief. That might put enough tension on to stop the buzz.
there's a truss rod inside the neck, or should be. it pulls the neck straight against the tension on the strings.

from what you say it sounds like this got damaged when you dropped the guitar. hard to believe it, as it should be fairly robust, but it's all i can think of.
I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes.
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Thankyouthankyouthankyou worked a treat! Twisted the truss rod a half turn and the buzz magically dissappeared

Perhaps this can be part of a "Why is my guitar buzzing" Faq? or is it already in one haha
that's good, but it indicates that your truss rod is probably not set up correctly.

have a look at the set up thread in this forum, that should sort you out.
I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes.
- Jimi Hendrix
I had the truss rod a tad loose because i changed from light strings to heavier gauge.

I twisted up to a point where i got fred buzz then, backed it off to the perfect amount so the truss rod top stopped buzzing from looseness. The strings (High and low E) are 4 mms off the fretboard at the twelth fret. I've taken it up all the way to 7 mms. Still a buzz in my ears.

I just can't win with this neck.

Do you reckon the Nut is to do with it? On close inspection it looks fine, but i could be wrong.

I tap the headstock from the back and it has healthy noise.

I tap it from the side and it has a Sch-ish tappy noise, remenicent of the buzz i encouter whilst playing open strings hard. It is not the machine heads.

I feel like filling around the truss bar with hot glue, good idea?
Does it look like any of the strings are touching any frets, at all? I know you said the strings are 4mm off the fretboard, but some frets can get lifted out of their slots.
And it absolutely sounds like the buzz is coming from the neck area?
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