My friend wants to get rid of his old amp which is a Peavy Bandit 112 and has asked if I want to buy it. I've been trying it out and its pretty good but on the clean channel there are the 3 tone knobs and a volume knob and then for the distortion there are the three tone knobs, a pre gain and a post gain.

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me why there are two gain controls on it. The two gain controls also change the volume so if anyone has a similar amp how would I get a fairly high amout of gain whilst keeping it fairly quiet when I'm playing at home?
If I'm right, the pre gain and post gain are just alternative names for Gain / Drive (pre gain) and volume / output (Post gain).

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Quote by The^Unforgiven
If I'm right, the pre gain and post gain are just alternative names for Gain / Drive (pre gain) and volume / output (Post gain).

this is usually the way peavey label it.

On their 2 channel amps the clean usually has "gain" simply controlling the volume of that channel, and the distortion channel usually has "pre gain" which controls the amount of distortion, and "post gain" is just the channel volume - allowing you to get a good volume balance between the channels - and then "volume" is the overall volume across both channels.

That's the way it worked on the peavey envoy they had at my old college.
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HAha well actually scientifically gain = volume.

However pre and post gain refer to the volumes of the preamplifer stage and the power amplifier stage respectively.
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Pre-gain and post-gain is a more accurate description of what's going on. My Abbey has it labelled Preamp and Master. I've often wondered - if Marshall had used Preamp instead of Gain on the knob would guitarists start running around calling distortion "preamp".
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