So Pit, here's the deal
(Also could not find any other relevant thread)
My band had our first gig on the weekend which we filmed..
The only problem is the video goes for 49 minutes and there is a fair amount of just messing around on there. Does anyone know of a good program that could be used to cut chop and change vids and also maybe alter the sound a bit (reduce feedback and such)
Please help D:
Final cut pro 7 is the best video editing program i've ever tried but it costs like 999 $ so you might wanna go with something a bit cheaper.
google > free video editor.

it seems this problem was miraculousely solved. Now on to solve the spelling issues in my posts. Will-kun away!!!

cough*pinaccle video spin*cough
If you're going to record a video of your band live you'll want soundboard audio. A video camera will never get good sound in that condition.
Wow guys. dick moves. If you have a PC Windows Movie Maker. Any mac should come with Imovie. Both programs are simple to use. Imovie being the best.
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I do quite a lot of video editing and use Adobe's suite, but unless you have hundreds to spend and hours to dedicate to learn, forget it and go for a free version.

Windows - Moive Maker
OSX - iMovie

Both are simple and will do the job