I'm learning 'For My Father' by Andy McKee, and I've got to a point where I've just hit a wall. I've tried breaking it down into chunks, and listening to the song carefully but I just cant get what's on the tab to sound like what's on the record. Has anyone got any tips on how I could simplify learning the next half of the song? If you want me to be a bit more clear just ask

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Which part exactly are you having trouble with?

in the candyrat version of the video, it's at about 1:38 timing onwards, everything before that i can play well
Hmm...to be honest, I found the part you're referring to no more difficult than the parts that came before it. Are you sure that you have accurate tablature?
Slow it down. Try to play it then. Slow it down as much as you need to. If you have to go through and play it holding onto each note for a second, do it. Learn it at a slower tempo, bring it up about 5 BPM, and keep doing that till you're at the original tempo.
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