I was looking at some basses and found one that had the entire body made out of Zebra wood, and I know I could probably find the answer from googling, but its really hard to find info about Zebra wood on basses. So I just wanted to know what effect the Zebra wood would have on the sound.

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It's a very heavy, open grained wood with a sound similar to maple, so quite bright.

Generally, only used as a top, but obviously in some cases people are insane enough to use it as a whole body (like purpleheart, wenge or rosewood).
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I think Ive seen a warwick double buck made out of all Zebrano.
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It would be heavy as f***, and would probably give you back problems also it would probably cost a fortune. Tonally, it would sound really nice, and quite unique, as it's uncommon to see a bass made from zebra.

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