I've got a body, neck and bridge from a bolt-on Washburn Raven. It's not in great shape and I'm going to re-finish it.

I was wondering though, before I start to do paint work etc, I was thinking of making it into a set-neck if at all possible.

Does anyone know if this is something that can be done or if it is advised that I just keep it as a bolt-on? And, if it can be done...any tips?
Contrary to popular belief, the usual bolt on heel and pocket size is perfectly fine for making a set neck. Just make sure it's tight and you get even glue coverage, then clamp very tightly and until it's dried. If it's a loose pocket then making it a set neck isn't advised though...
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It's possible but...

Unless you plan on gluing the neck into it's pocket in lieu of bolting it in, you can't really "set" the neck to produce the same results as a regular one would be. Even if you glued it in, I don't even think that would be as good as bolting it on as the tension on the neck is going to be perpendicular to the glue's adhesive force, it wouldn't be as good as a proper set neck. Plus the bolt on affords a lot more options when building the guitar as you can take the neck on and off and it allows for easier maintainance as well.

Not to mention set necks are joined to the body differently than bolt ons, so you could glue the neck in but doing so wouldn't necessarily be better than just bolting it in since the neck was designed that way.
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Was just thinking that there may be some advantage in doing it because it's quite a deep tenon. Fair enough though.

Thanks for the input, guys.