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As a dumb kid I would get a rush with my buds out of candy, lol. We thought we were real cowboys. God that feels like another lifetime ago!

I also never returned some video games and movies to the store and never paid any of the fees. Doesn't even show up on my credit report

Edit: Stealing is for losers if your a grown man. As a kid, okay, forgivable once or twice.
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But really, I've never stolen anything
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As a uni student my main crime was always stealing traffic cones, road signs, decorations etc

Seriously, my house was full of them by the end of the year
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Seriously though, no. I don't even like being given stuff so stealing is just a no.
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Seriously though, no. I don't even like being given stuff so stealing is just a no.

damn. Got to that before I could post it. But same answer for me along with video games, cologne, clothes, candy, and just random shit. Guitar strings too.
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i remember i wanted a red eyes black dragon card from one of those manga magzines (shonen jump?) and my mom wouldn't buy it for me. sooooo i took the card from the magazine. and i thought, "it would be really cool to have TWO of these," sooooo, i took another one.
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Yes, but if I list everything, then I'm gonna be in a multi-billion lawsuit with a whole bunch of companies (especially Sony and Adobe).

Oh, I also somehow stole a Guitar Center pick once. I have no idea how it got into my pocket with the rest of my picks, considering I didn't even use it
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I was 7, my mom took me to the pharmacy and I jacked a pez dispenser. I felt so bad that the next time we went back, I had already purchased 3 of the same pez dispenser (darth vader, for the record) and gave it to the clerk and explained to her and my mom that last time I had stolen one because I had already spent my allowance that week on getting my puppy some treats.
I used to steal food from the school cafeteria all the time because I'd spend all my money on weed.

I truely was a badass.
I stole a computer mouse once when I was in High School. I still use it now.

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Some penny bubblegums from the shop round the corner... but in my defense he was an asshole. He was selling out of date chocolates, once tried to make me pay for some milk i'd bought for my parents (when i was about 6) at the store next door despite the fact he didn't stock the same type of milk and even threatened me with the police because i was stood outside waiting for my friend (once again when i was only a little kid)

I think i should go firebomb his store actually.
As a kid I've stolen quite alot. Tons of pokemon cards. But I mean loads and loads of em. They had them unguarded out in the open in a low-security store. So ye, shit's going down.

We also used to steal alot of candy. I mainly did it because I found 2.50 for a lollipop with a shit toy a little expensive. Other than that just small stuff. marbles and other stuff you collect as a child.
I don't regret it because i still think 2.50 is alot of money for that f ucking lollipop.
I used to steal from department stores in till like 15 or 16 21 now. I realized I'm the only one to prosper of it while you guys pay for it. I'm no where near as bad as my sister though she is only one year younger and just caught a stealing charge at 19 sad thing is she has a kid to sorta pathetic lmao.

oh yeah i stole little things biggest things was a few cds my sister would make a joke of stealing though she would steal luggage then feel it up with even more stolen goods lmao
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do torrents count?
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When I was like 4, I stole a chocolate bar from a store. I felt back and went inside to return it. The owner was like: "You're honest, I'll let you keep it and take another one free!"

Don't think I've ever stole something since.
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I stole a computer mouse from school, a book from WHSmith, and a few little bits of food from random supermarkets when I had n money within the last year.

Meh I'm 15
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As a uni student my main crime was always stealing traffic cones, road signs, decorations etc

Seriously, my house was full of them by the end of the year

Thats totally random lol why hasnt anyone thought of this before
I stole the show.
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I stole some pearl cuff links.
Wish I knew were they where. Look friggin' bad ass.
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Thats totally random lol why hasnt anyone thought of this before

I thought everyone had

I often saw students stumbling around with cones on their heads or flashing lights hanging from their necks
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I think he was being sarcastic

As was i
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I used to steal cigarettes when I was a teenager, I actually scored a whole carton once.
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A couple of years ago, I shoplifted a wallet really just for the sake of it. Stupid looking back on it, but it's a nice wallet.
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The first thing I remember stealing was a Twix bar from a shop in Israel while I was there on vacation. I was 14 at the time, and the clerk was being a ****ing asshole to me, otherwise I never would've stolen it. But damn I love Twix.

I stole a street sign once because my friend really wanted it. He smokes weed 24/7. The street's name was "High Street" He stole condoms for me out of the blue one day for owing me.

Other than that, I've technically stolen like 60 gigabytes worth of music.
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I Stole a frozen pizza froma supermarket when I was baked once, didn't even have an oven, it defrosted before I got home. D:
Also, general Crap from Many many places, Mainly school, Pointless shit like Rubber bands and stuff too, but meh.
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