so i havent tried a ton of pedals, but i was bored and tied out an EQ pedal last week. boss. the new one. i forget the model.

anyways it worked FANTASTIC as a boost pedal or even an overdrive pedal. you could get max level/volume for more drive and then use the sliders to form your own sound...like another lead channel.

it seemed more like an EQ and OD in one. way better than i expected. whatdo you guys think. do you use EQ pedals like this for solo boosts etc? d oyou think they work as well as other boost and OD pedals.

most EQ pedals can boost at least 15 db (boss) or 18 db (MXR)
Depends where you put it. If yout put it before distortion either amp or pedal the gain slider will increase the distortion, which may be what you want.

Alternatively you can use it after distortion/OD pedals or if you use amp drive in the FX loop where the gain slider will then work as a volume boost, also desirable

All depends how you want to use it really, personally I put it in the FX Loop and use it as a solo booster, add a slight volume and mid boost to help leads cut through, but theres no reason why you cant use in combination with some kinda dirt pedal to shape and increase the drive.
Nice to know that someone has found the glory that is EQ pedals. As said, it's not technically an overdrive, but it can operate as a gain boost as it can increase the volume of the signal. I'd recon that an EQ pedal can make any amp better than they are without one, as most amps have passive EQ circuits, and (as far as I know) most EQ pedals are active, meaning that they're actually able to boost a frequency range instead of only cutting them.

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Graphic EQs are wayyyyyyyyy overrated.
People think it's like the godsend solution to all tone related problems, but they aren't.
They aren't a solution but try do help alot. They cab make ok amps sound better, but in the long run its still just an ok amp. It's good for boost and finding your own tone/sound, though everyone I know cuts the mids out so at base leek for volume, the sound decreases

I recommend an eq

I put it in my fx loop to eq all my pedals and my amps channels
Tom Morello uses an old DOD EQ strictly as a boost - the EQ is run completely flat and the level control is boosted slightly. So, sure it can be used as a boost.

But, as Forsaskweinofsaeiofasdfas said, it can't be used as an OD because it doesn't clip the signal.
While they do introduce an extra gain stage before the amp, EQ pedals are not the same as OD pedals. They have their uses, but in my experience, a lot of guitarists try to overEQ without really understanding what they are doing, and tend to screw their sound up. You do not need a 31 band with the sliders all over the place to find a sweet spot
and eq is what i used to use as a boost when i wanted more sustain. but now i keep it in the back. but i prefer it to a normal boost because you can control what you want to boost
EXACTLY its a boost pedal with your own tone. you get a mxr micro amp, you have one knob. this, does the same thing, but has an EQ.

i dont know about before a OD pedal. i was running it before teh amp and it boosted the signal as well as made the dirty channel more intense. clipping or not, it made the dirty channel dirtier. no doubt about it. i would like to try it before a pedal.

yeah i know famous guitarists use them. dimebag used a mxr blue 6 band, and kerry king has a signature 10 band mxr.
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eq's are really flexible pedals. great boost and you can tailor your sound. one pedal I can not live without on my pedalboard
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if you use it in front of the amp dirty channel, you increasing the gain going into the amp so pushing it harder, it doesn't create clipping itself, but if your using a valve amp it will push it harder so may help produce the natural valve breakup.

They certainly have their uses, you can better sculpt your sound with 6 or even 10 bands far better than with 3! But you have to know how to use it right or it will sounds nasty!
well thats what i mean. thats why it was overdriving...or sounded like it. i was running in front of the amp...no other effects. guitar-EQ-amp (i tested it in a shop).

and yeah i can see how you would overuse it. i feel like raising the level is godo for a boost, and if you want more treble move only a few sliders. i feel like the need to move all 5 or even 10 sliders at once can be too much and mess you up.
Quote by Sguit
Graphic EQs are wayyyyyyyyy overrated.
People think it's like the godsend solution to all tone related problems, but they aren't.

This. They can cover up problems you're having, but it would be much more beneficial to attack you're tone related problems head on. That said, they can be cool for changing tones within songs and, to answer the OP's question, they can be used to pretty good effect as a boost.
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This. They can cover up problems you're having, but it would be much more beneficial to attack you're tone related problems head on.

You do realize that EQ's are used to adjust which frequencies are more prominent in the mix, thus "attacking a tone related problem head on".