Im about to play in a Café/Coffee House that seats around 20-25 people and I need help gathering up a set list that lasts around 2 hours total during dinner hours of 6-9pm. The clientelle generally range from 30-60 year olds so i'll be playing fairly mellow instrumental type stuff. It'll be just me, or also maybe one of my mates who plays rhythm guitar.

So I'm planning on playing some of Bucketheads atmospheric stuff from Colma such as Padmasana and Whitewash and i've also got a few acoustic songs like Ocean by John Butler and Angelina by Tommy Emmanuel.

Backing tracks shouldnt be a problem because i have another mate who lives interstate who has all this recording gear, a drum kit, a bass and all the proper skills to record all the other parts if i cant download an original.

So do you guys have any instrumental suggestions that fit the bill?
I was going to suggest Ocean but you already have it.

Play I Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd without the singing.

Or Your Revolution Is A Joke by Funeral For A Friend, again without the lyrics (sounds great instrumental and harmonised).
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Jimi Hendrix "Red House". It's a song that will still sound good acoustic, but has enough variety that the listeners won't get bored. Also, the same is true of "Little Wing", "Hey Joe", and "The Wind Cries Mary".

Edit: These'll all sound good without lyrics I think too.
'cause we've ended as lovers, diamond dust, JB's blues, all by Jeff Beck, in my opinion are a very good choice
also if you can play it, try hazelnut cream pie by buckethead also, that song would fit well IMO too :P
some pink floyd without vocals would be nice too!
acoustic version of face down by red jumpsuit apparatus, drive by incubus, time of your life by green day, tribute by tenacious D with no lyrics, your guardian angel acoustic the red jumpsuit apparatus, "F" her gently by tenacious D with no lyrics, karate by tenacious d no lyrics,
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Cannonball by Damien Rice

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