Hmm that was pretty sweet TS. It started off a little slowly, but when the violins and choral parts came in it was pretty sweet. The only thing I could recommend is not to stretch it out so long at the beginning. And also some of the parts in the beginning went for way to long, the pauses in between played notes especially. But yeah I liked it 8/10.

If you wanna crit the songs in my profile, that would be cool. Thanks.
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Not bad! Try to get some percussion in there.. It would make it sound much more intense if you do it right. Like at 1:36 would be great for some large percussion fills. And as afterthewar said, it did drag on for a little bit at first. But then it came together and sounded great! Overall, very nice job! Keep it up!

I recently uploaded part of a soundtrack i'm working on as well.. You could check it out in my thread:

Glad to see there are other people around my age working on soundtrack music too haha I'm 15.
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