As per the recommendation on the other thread, I'm posting this here as well. Only a couple days left in the contest and these guys could really use your help.

My good friend's band, SOULSHAKER, has entered a competition sponsored by KISS & guitar center. Basically, the top 5 vote getters in each city Kiss is playing will be reviewed by KISS and they will select one of the bands as an opening act.

Please take a couple minutes to vote. Here's how - click on the following link:



Change your city to PITTSBURGH or zip code to 15222. (otherwise it will default to your city)

Quote by MH400
You registered here just to ask for votes.

Shameless ho that I am... You're right, but I did state that upfront. I have been using the tabs for years. Just didn't pay attention I guess.

But I'm not in the band and I'm doin' it for a good friend and my guitar teacher. He's helpin' me fulfill a lifelong dream in music and just maybe with this contest, I can help him achieve one of his.

Which would be way cool. I'd appreciate your vote anyway.