I have a few unmarked pots laying around and I would like to know how to determine if they are linear or log pots. Is there a way to figure it out?
Use a multimeter. At "0" resistance should be 0, at "10" it will be whatever value the pot is i believe (250K, 500K etc) and then measure at "5". If its half of the "10" value, then its linear. If its much smaller than half then its log. Measure at different intervals - the linear pot increases smoothly so at regular intervals it will increase regularly, whereas a log pot wont.
Alternatively, wire it up as a volume pot, if its log it will be smooth as you increase, if its linear then you will get practically no change, a large change, then very little change as you turn it up - there will be some massive jump.
Thanks! thats kinda what I was thinking too, since the log function is a non-linear function anyway, it should not increase linearly.