So, I have decided my next guitar is going to be an SG. However, I still cannot decide what configuration. Or what brand...

I play rock, blues and alternative music mainly. I also have a strat in my arsenal. My favourite bands are Chili Peppers, Incubus, Jimi, QOTSA and the Black Keys.

What are some alternative brands selling SG shaped guitars? Gibson is extremely expensive here in Aus.

Also I am thinking about getting atleast one P90 in it, so would it be best to buy one with a P90 and install a humbucker or buy one with buckers and intall a P90?

Well, Vintage VS6 SG knockoffs are pretty darned close to the Gibson Standard SG IMHO, maybe on par with a Special, and they sell for $500 here in Canada(whereas a Gibson SG Standard sells for *$1400* here, and the Special's $1100 or something). I have one, and I'd say it's probably the best guitar I've played(mind you, I'm a lefty, so that's not really saying much, but I've played MIA Strats, some $800 Ibanez RG and Gibson Standards), and definitely the best one I've owned so far. Mind you, I'm playing mostly different stuff from you, but I've played everything from Led Zeppelin to Slayer and Pantera on it and it sounds great IMO whether clean, overdriven or distorted like hell. XD If you can find one I'd defintely give it a go. I hear a lot good about Tokais too, but I've never played one, so I wouldn't know. Just...if you're getting an Epi G400, for the love of GOD get a set of pickups with it, that thing has the muddiest pickups I've ever played. o_o
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hmm.. i don't think there are any other sgs that they sell that have "P90s"
Whats you're budget?
P90 is oversized in length. if you get rid of a humbucker and put a p90, you will notice that it won't fit length wize and you will see extra routing on the bottom and top which is annoying.

This is the cheapest i can find
I have managed to find a Gibson SG Classic with 2 P90's in it, would it be easy to install a bucker in either the bridge or the neck?