"I" was just doing fine. Whoever that is; I am pretty confident I was born with multiple souls. I met a girl whose web of souls wove perfectly together. Inside the core of Jacob Edinger bleeds many souls. Lost and battered, torn and confused... all of my souls are struggling for power of this land of Jacob Edinger, Germany. And the strangest thing is is that I'm Hitler and I'm also a soul plotting Valkyrie.

I felt detached in general from most of my surroundings. People are my play things. Until I met him, and then I met her.

He isn't afraid to express his insanity to me. And he's beautiful and he loves me like I love him. Souls swim inside him but he's afraid to know.

I can't help but know these things, and I can't help but say these things. Really if my fingers didn't think you'd get the point I'd put each I in quotation marks. Because I! am nothing but a narrator for all of this chaos, a news reporter at war. Last night we made hot dogs and my friend struggled with his knee brace because we couldnt find dope to take our pains.

But the trees swayed in a beautiful wind that cleared our minds. At first we felt as though we'd stepped into the garden of eden. Everything ugly and impure eluded us and we were free.

I'm pretty sure he's the sweden to my nazi germany. I love him and we are connected; whats mine his his. What's his is mine. And we play with the world together and run the streets so we can live to run another day in an existance where were tranquil to the war of our souls. His kids consider me an uncle and I Consider them my family. I don't know if narrators can have feels for their characters... but I think it's something I can't explain.... oh how my 6th fingers bleeds this blood to an audience who doesnt care nearly as much as they enjoy my misery on my pretty face... Sometimes I feel when I get high and when I'm with my loves that the pain escapes me and I"m free to purchase my fantasy of a lucid dream. and sadly the only tangible evidence I have that my existance is validated and relevant to the universe.

I am Germany and she is Austria. The country that I am has been taken over by Nazis. I'm trying my hardest for valkyrie but I fear when its all over and he's killed himself I'll still be put to prison as a Nazi. No one will believe I fought against them. But it is inevitable that Austria will be beside me, because she'...s so close and our boundaries are almost invisible.

It's hard for me to tell where I begin and she ends. I pray she throws me bottles filled with the blood of her 6th finger... because our connection knows no bounds, it will penetrate prison walls.

But still the war rages on, and america the hero hasn't killed mass ammounts of people to kill the war, or salvaged the jews from my sadist country. But when they do their actions will be of greed and power, under the guise of nobility.
3 hours ago · LikeUnlike · .Jacob Edinger Sucking the life from the strife of our planet, just to exceed in vain measure. None of my souls will be responsible for the blood america causes.One of my souls will however fight in valkyrie while my Hitler soul basks his hateful existance.

But the war rages on, and we all suffer; Austria only begrudgingly and innately remains connected.
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