I'm planning on getting a Peavey Vypyr 30 and a Sanpera footswitch for recording & playing an was wondering how the record out quality was on the Vypyr?

It's not the quality of the amp that you have to worry about, as long as you like it's tone, it's the recording equiptment.

A lot of people will argue that a Peavey Vypyr isn't a 'good' enough amp to bother recording on a professional level, me included.

But if you're just recording for yourself or freinds or to get rough demos down, it'll be just fine.
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Doesn't the vypyr have a direct usb connection. My buddy has one and he said it sounds "legit", (which means good, somewhat studio-like quality I'm guessing)
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Depends how you do it.

When I use it, I usually use some amp sims to sim power amp and a cab so it sounds great. The only issue is the latency so its hard to actually record anything on time.
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