Hi Folks!

I'm on my first building project, and I'm considering (among others) three models of Wilkinson Gotoh trems. They are:

VS-400 (or 401, I'm not sure which number is right)

What are the differences (besides price)? What would be the deciding factors in choosing one or another?

My guitar body is a Strat top routed HSH and milled for a two-point trem.


Generally, price means better quality.
Go with the middle one, and upgrade the saddles of something.

I just decided to look at them.
The VS-300 is a 2 point tremolo, with the Floyd Rose arm on it. I prefer Floyds arms to Fender trems.
I don't know if I'm even looking at the same thing.
The vs-400 said Gotoh, so...
..I was watching my death.