I've got this problem at the moment. Whenever I'm playing my tele (which has the usual two single coils), I get a really loud buzzing when playing. The weird thing is, it doesn't happen all the time. Some days, I'll plug in to my amp and all I'll hear is the usual, pretty quiet single coil hum. Other days, I'll be greated by a stupidly loud buzz which really puts you off playing.

Another weird thing is that it's based by the direction I'm facing. For example, if I spin around when playing, the buzzing gets louder at certain angles and completely disappears when I'm practically facing the amp.

I don't think it's the guitar, seeing as my Epiphone SG seems to do it as well (not as loudly though, but I think this is due to it have humbuckers). Also, the amps out of the question seeing as it still happens on my crappy 15w Marshall MG.

So I'm really confuced UG. . my guess is magnetic interference, which would sort of explain the issue with spinning around. But I can't find out what could be causing it, I've tried turning various stuff off etc.

I hope someone here has an answer!
Maybe the chord.
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When you spin round, are you facing anything like a TV or fluorescent lighting or anything?
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No fluorescent lighting, the only light in my room is a single bulb. And I do have a TV, but it's off when this happens and it never happens when I'm directly facing it.

Just tried a different cord, no luck.

Do you think shielding would help? Because it doesn't always happen.

This is really confusing me. .