Pentatonic, Minor and Chromatic notes here and there. Many Thrash bands use those
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harmonic scale, maybe japanese scale (in some cases like marty friedman), blues scale if you also want something like pantera (it's almost the same pattern as pentatonic anyways).
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Pentatonic, Minor and Chromatic notes here and there. Many Thrash bands use those

I don't know those bands, but this statement seems pretty logical.
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They're metal bands, so of course they use the minor scale. Then you have the pentatonic, chromatic, phyrgian dominant and harmonic minor.

The best way to find out is to learn some of their songs and figure out what notes they commonly use and find out which scale it is. This link will help. If you have questions, just make a new thread here in MT.
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Probably quite a few of them.
Major, minor, harmonic minor and pentatonic will likely be the ones you encounter most of the time.

This is too general a question to give a specific answer really. If it were a certain song perhaps, but what a band uses is a little too broad.

I'll assume you're looking to emulate their sound? Learn to play a bunch of their songs so their style will become part of your playing. It's more how they use those scales than the scales themselves that gets their sound.

And if you have a section of a song you want to know what scale it's in this site can help:

If you want to know about how to identify the scales yourself, this site can be a great resource for that.

Edit: looks like we posted the same link
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