Hi there,

Im in the process of changing my setup, binning the old effects units (Midiverb, POD xt) as they sound rubbish and am getting more into pedals.

I'm after a decent delay effects and maybe a reverb unit too. Maybe the Boss RE-20 Space Echo which also has delay, but Im kinda put off as its not a true bypass.

Any suggestions?

I'll be running my Gibson Les Pauls through my Blackstar HT Dual (Amazing pedal) and into a tube amp, either a Marshall 30th Anniversary or my Epiphone valve junior depending on how loud I need to be.

The Digitech Hardwire pedals are awesome (With TRUE lexicon reverbs).
Best reverb pedal I've heard in a long time.
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The EHX Cathedral has some pretty nifty stuff (including infinite reverb) and a pretty usable echo mode too. It's a little on the pricey side, but from reading your post, that doesn't seem like that much of a problem.
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I wouldn't put much thought into the pedal being true bypass.

The reverb on the RE-20 is pretty bad in my opinion, but the echoes are actually pretty nice sounding. What kind of budget do you have and what kind of delay and reverb sound are you going for? There are seriously tons of options.
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I use delay more than reverb so Im not going to write the RE20 off if the echo/delay is really nice.

Generally I'll use a subtle amount of amount of delay on solos, occasionally more as an "Effect" but on clean sounds I sometimes like a lot more to make a nice "Shimmering" sound (Its hard to describe the sound in your head in words isnt it?!?!?).

Every once in a while its good to go totally overboard too, Radiohead style and Im told that the Space Echo is great at this kind of stuff. It would be good to be able to alter the effects when playing and I'm not sure how much you can do that with some of these pedals.

I've checked out the EHX Cathedral on youtube and the reverbs are really nice but I'm not sure the delay is good enough, I'd have to find a shop thats got lots of pedals and play about.

It would be used purely for live work as when recording we tend to use plugins.
i love my mxr carbon copy delay, it's analog, easy to use, and is overall incredible...
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