Have a listen to Lead On and Interval in my profile and gimme some crit, then leave a link to yours and I shall return the favour.

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I like the guitar in Lead On, very cool Some parts seems a bit messy with strumming (like one or two) but otherwise it sounded great. Maybe too much delay on the guitar towards the middle? Otherwise quality stuff man, cool recording.

On Interval thought the intro might have been a bit slow, but as the other guitar came in a fit great. Had a great atmosphere. Good listen

C4C ?

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Thanks man. I've critted yours :P What do you use to do the drum and bass?

Oh and the dodginess of the strumming might be because I recorded Lead On with a sprained wrist :P
Member of the 7-String + ERG Legion.
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Smooth bro!
Definitely reminds me of Ritchie Kotzen, and Falling Into Infinity era Dream Theater. Don't know if those are bands/dude's you're familiar with, but that's who it reminds me of, and that's a good thing!

But basically, smooth is how I can best describe this song. It's almost like a Corona commercial I think, but kind of a nice song you can lay back, chill out and drink some beers to.