All the reviews I've seen say that it almost bests gibson with its quality and structure, any truth to this?

Also, can anyone just tell me about this guitar, its quirks, its goods and bads, its features?

Thanks to all!
I can only offer a generic opinion on Hagstrom, but seeing as no-one else has replied yet I thought that was better than nothing! I've a Hagstrom Ultra Swede and it is a beautiful instrument, very well made, comfortable and the range of sounds it can produce is stunning.

I'd say Hagstrom is well worth taking a proper look at. There is also a review of the Viking in the review section. See link below.

The Viking is a very good Guitar, but it's a bit of an acquired taste. It feels completely different to any other guitar I have played. Very thin neck and a strange fretboard feel. However I think it does do a great job of bridging the gap between a 335 and a Les Paul at a good price.

Check out my video displaying the sounds I get from it,...