anyway, im getting a new guitar pretty soon, which will be a Gibson SG Special.

It doesn't come with a whammy, like almost all SG's, so im going to have one installed myself, however, I have some questions about areas that I'm a bit unclear of, and i've never installed a tremolo bridge before, so pl0x don't laugh if the questions sound really newby :P ;

- to put on the kahler bridge, is it just simply a case of taking off the current stop bar and tune o matic, that is origininally installed on the SG, and pop on the kahler? Or would a bitta' drilling n shit be involved? o_O

- with locking nuts (ill be ordering floyd rose ones), is it again, just a case of simply popping them on at the end of the neck?

finally, please tell me other stuff you reckon i need to know about installing these things

NOTE: i've done a lot of research into this! im aware of the bending problem, and all the other pros n cons of the kahler tremolo bridges, so no telling me not to get it! <3

all replies that are intended to help me are greatly appreciated!
The Kahler bridge systems require the top to be routed; take the guitar to a professional, qualified luthier to perform this work. Locking nuts require the nut shelf to be modified, often necks which did not come with a locking nut shelf can not have a locking nut as even if an extension to the neck shelf was made, this would then cover the truss rod access. you would need to get either the Kahler string lock which works behind the current nut , or you could replace the stock tuners with locking tuners. Either way, you'll want to replace the stock nut with one made of a smoother material, such as the Graph Tech TUSQ XL nuts.
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ok thanks, this has put me in a position of rethinking if im going to get an SG or not :/

ill be making a new post on what guitar to get instead. ^^
a 2200 kahler model will let u put in the bridge with minimal rerouting, tho there is a possability of getting a locking nut in there without obsctructing the truss rod, but the original nut has to be 1 5/8" , and then there is a possability of it being PROFESSIONALLY set up with the original nut taken out, and the locking nut routed and installed
I built a custom fender scale explorer and though i could get away with the kahler 2200 that could let me have a really nice wammi without the hassles of the floyd rose and for a little bit less money. The kahler is an awesome tremolo for standard tremolo work like you would have on a normal strat, staying in tune well. If your looking to put a floyd on your sg, don't get a kahler. Dive bombs throw it out of tune horribly and it is a major pain in the ass to pull back on the bar to HOPEFULLY have it return to tune. Just be aware. Kahler claims it is dive bomb ready. It can't handle divebombs. I regret not sticking a floyd rose in it right away. Dan
NO DON'T DO IT!!! A bridges metal effect how a guitar sounds alot! Kahler's metal sounds HORRID with Gibson pups. And even then the routing aint worth it.
Check out This ESP

or you could put This Bigsby on an SG

or put a Stetsbar on the SG.

The stets bar doesn't need routing either.

try a stetsbar, no routing needed just pops on your bridge.

youtube stetsbar and watch some of the videos

EDIT: Soory never seen the post above me mentioned the stetsbar
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