hey there.. im looking to buy a Heil HT-1 Talkbox and im not sure if im able to use it with my gear or not, please help me out

my gear is pretty straight forward, i got my guitar (Epiphone Les Paul Standard), my patch cord, and my amp (not a tube amp just an amp that came with my starting guitar)

i just want to know if ill need anything else to be able to use this talkbox, if you know please help me out, thanks alot guys appreciate it
i know theres a special way to hook it up to an amp, also, idk if that model comes with a microphone or not (you'll need one, but it probobly comes with it). try to find the instruction manual for it online and check.
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Hi there

With Heil Talk Boxes they are connected differently. Its definately not just a stomp box!

The usual way of connecting them is between the amp and the speaker, and you have to connect a a microphone too. You have to be careful connecting this up as you can damage stuff if you get it wrong, especially if using tube amps.

How you would go about this with a combo is beyond my knowledge but there is probably a way.

I did buy a Danelectro 'Free Speech' Talk box which claimed to work just like a stomp box. worst purchase I've ever made, might as well use it as a paperweight.
I'd look into the Rocktron Banshee. They're easier to set up than the Heil because they have a built in preamp that's wired to the horn (which generates the sound going to the tube and mic). The Heil lacks a built in preamp, so you'd require a separate amp typically (from what I hear, some amps are too loud for talkbox use, especially tube amps) with an AB switch to change between your amps (one for normal play and the other for talkbox use, respectively). If you're running everything yourself, you'll need a mic, PA system and speakers for said PA system.

Hope that helps! Talkboxes can be quite confusing... Make sure you know EXACTLY what you're doing before you hook one up and use it!