Simple question really, why do guitarists in bands use more than one guitar in a set? I watched Muse the other day and Matt Bellamy must have changed guitars about 5 or 6 times in the set?
Thanks a lot.
ok...different tunings, some songs use different tunings to achive a sound or style.

backups. if a string snaps, youre ****ed.

different pickups and sounds...this one is debateable, maybe if a guitar had a synth pickup.

also, matt has a Korg Kaoss MIDI on his guitars, so that means he needs more. he also has a fuzz factory built into his guitar, which he would want to se, so thats another guitar needed
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go see Rush live, Alex used about 8-9 last time I saw them

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They do it either cause the guitar might go out of tune after a few songs and they don't want to bother tuning it, or a certain guitar is suited better for some songs, or they are more inspired that way, or going for the looks, or simply just because they can.
I bring 2 or 3 guitars to every show I play. Swaping out is way easier than tuning up (I get frustrated easily). Also, having a friend or a tech on the side of the stage to reset your primary guitar allows for a third swap out, no retuning, no time wasted.

The other guitar player in my band has one guitar that he throws and spins (on songs that don't require his tone to be strongest) and one or two that are primary sound guitars.

We also bring an extra head on the road with us. I even carry extra straps and locks. If anything goes wrong, it's just easier to have backups that you practice with and are comfortable with (if you can afford to... we spend every dime on gear and booze).
Matt does it because his guitars have different gadgets in, like a chaos pad and fernandes sustainers etc. Sometimes he uses one guitar in a song, sometimes he uses others.
different tunings, different pickups, different string gauges, whammy vs no whammy, preferred sounds of wood.

or because they can. the edge. cough.

+1 above. Matt does it because his guitars have all sorts of weird ish in them. like kaos pads, and midi pickups, and whatever else.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Last time I watched Muse (Glasto, on TV unfortunately), Matt used his 7 string, his Glitterati Manson, his black Manson and the chrome Bomber with the trem. Those seem to be the ones he uses the most at the moment. The 7 string was only used for Citizen Erased, the Bomber for Knights of Cydonia, the black was tuned to standard and the Glitterati to drop D.
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live, Dave Mustaine changes guitars like every song more recently, although back in the day he only did it once or twice
Most of the time it's just so it can be tuned by a tech while playing a second back up
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Different tunings, and different sounds from the guitars. Single coils to Humbuckers, different everything!

Plus after 5 songs the guitar will start to go out of tune, so yeah.
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I use more than one guitar because a telecaster sounds different to a les paul. VERY different. Anyone can tell the difference. And then there's the 12-string... which has more strings.
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All previously mentioned summed up,
-Different tunings
-Different tones
-Different number of strings
-(In Matt B's case) Usually different in-built effects in each guitar.
-Guitar features (Killswitch, Whammy Bar)
-Switched so a tech can tune the last one
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It's clearly because every guitar player is like a 5 year old and wants to show off their new purchase to everyone
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It's clearly because every guitar player is like a 5 year old and wants to show off their new purchase to everyone

Or this.
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Some do it purely for the looks . Billy Gibbons recorded allmost everything on his LP, but live he'll probably play anything that looks cool.
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Usually each guitar is tuned differently and has a different set up, but it is needed for the song that the band will be performing next.

Well, the way I've got my stuff set up, I have my SG in standard, and my ML tuned a 1/2 step down, so for playing stuff where 1/2 step down tuning is needed I switch to my ML. Also, if you're playing a lot, chances are you're gonna get all sweaty, as is your guitar, and you're likely gonna wanna swap it out for a fresh one eventually. Also, for more...varied shows, like my buddy does(he plays everything from Disturbed to Clapton to Irish folk music live), he needs different tones for different things which one of his guitars just can't do(he has a Washburn DD61, a Partscaster and a Renegade Telecaster knockoff), so he swaps when a different tone is needed.
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