hey guys,

i had been playing electric guitar for a while now, and well it was never really my passion, unlike acoustic, but i wanted to learn it so bad because alot of my heroes played it and i was still into metal and such... now that i've become more of a folk, blues and country guy, i could really use some guidance.

i know the blues scale, the minor pentatonic scale, your basic chords (including barres), so i guess you could say i'm a beginner plus, haha. (cant improvise)


i'd like to learn how to play in that kind of style, and ofcourse get my basics down aswell. i've considered lessons but back when i took them, it didn't really help me. not a lesson kinda guy... anyway, would like to get some books on different techniques, and would appreciate it if you guys would help me pick these techniques.

thanks alot guys, i appreciate it.
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i'm not a book person - i like to see as well as read about. i suggest you check out the DVD lessons at www.homespuntapes.com - they have TONS of samples, so you can find a style you like, and many lessons there are taught by world class players from doc watson to jorma kaukonen to rory block. i have a blast going through the samples, and have actually learned a few things from them.
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