for $300.00?

I am waiting on an ibanez s420 in blackberry sunburst. and it is 499.00
I will likely have to sale my bcrich jr it v or trade it in at around 250-300 to get the ibanez.

or i can buy the black jackson dkmg with emg 85-81 for $300.00 and keep my V

I am a big ibanez fan so its a tough choice..
how are the dinky necks? the dinky is alder, the s420 is mahogany..
what would you do?
I grew up on Ibanez and moved to Jacksons. I have both a DKMG & DKMGT(same guitar wtih out the floyd rose)

Unfortunaly, many people advertise these guitars in correctly. Based on the config, you may be getting a great piece of guitar or just getting ripped off.

Do you have hard wear details, pics or anything like that?

It's a great guitar if you are comfortable playing it and okay with restringing the Floyd Rose
I'd get the dinky, although I've heard that the floyd on those s series ibanezes is awesome.
I just took a look at that Ibanez model. It's good, but I'm telling you, at least go to a store and play a DKMG. You'll feel the fine maple neck and the comfortable playability.

As I said, post some detailed info, just to make sure you're not getting ripped
There amazing guitars, I reccomend them, there also really versitle.
If you don't buy that I will!!

The price is amazing. Check it out, make sure it's not a scam. If it feels straight, buy it, play it and post some pics and vids!!
I didnt get it in time..
But now i have a chance for a DKMGT for 300.

I dont know about the cobalt blue though, every pic i see looks different.

still worth the 300 in a hardtail configuration?
I think it's worth it. Floyds are only an accessory that you might use every so often. With a hardtail you don't have to work so much to change strings and such.
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there shouldn't be a problem. I think that Jackson necks are the closest you're going to get to Ibanez. At least, that's what I thought from playing them.
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Do it. I bought my DKMG 2 years back and it is still probably my fav guitar I own. It plays lovely and for me is perfect.

so for that price I'd go for it.
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