I'm picking up a used jcm800 and have the chance to test it, what do I look out for?

Thanks guys


-Ask if it has been retubed and how long ago if so
-Scratchy pots, dead indicator lights
-If it's the 2205 model, see if the reverb works
-Cracks or any microfractures in the tubes
-Tubes that may heat up to an extremely hot temperature when they're not being pushed past 5 or so

For my final advice, try it out playing at around 6 - that's the sweet spot in those things. Anything below won't truly open up the tubes until you reach that level.
Thanks dude I'm trying to bring my guitar teacher with me but at the moment it's looking not so applicable so I need all the advice I can get!


Make sure all the transformers are Drakes and that there's no extra holes in the chassis, indicating somebody's mucked around with it.

Check for scratchy pots and bad switches/inputs.
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