Hey all
Just wondering if anyone uses FL studio to play, using the plugins on the mixer. I have amplitube, POD Farm, Shred ect. but i still cant get a nice tone to monitor/record with. On POD Farm by itself, its okay, but in FL everything sounds harsher. And i get a lot of popping.
Anyone know how to fix this? And how to make amplitube etc. sound good? And the cab impulses never sound good. Always fizzing and popping. I cant find many, so link would be a great help
I'm using my UX1 for this.

Also, there is a veeeery slight lag on this, can this be fixed?

Thanks all
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i used to do it all the time, havent in quite a while. dont think i ever really had that issue though could it be your settings for buffer size and input quality are different in FL as opposed to just PF itself?