after being recommended the CUB12 in a previous thread i did some research and it looks amazing. It's perfect for my situation, and pretty soon i'll be trying one out, and hopefully buying it. Thanks to holycow for recommending this amp, and to everyone else who posted, your advice was invaluable.

However, while conducting my research it seems people prefer the CUB10 over the CUB12 when used with pedals; as I plan to use a few pedals with the amp i purchase, i was wondering if anyone here has any experience with these and could advise me as to which would be better used with pedals.

At the moment, im leaning towards the CUB12. It sounds so damn nice.
Thanks in advance.
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I have had my Laney Cub10 for the last couple of years. It is LOUD as far as practice volumes go, has enough headroom and loves pedals. It ads a warm yet crisp tube compression at the end of the chain.
My Cub10 works REALLY well with a Digitech Bad Monkey! But sounds better again through my 4x12 cab. No reason to suspect that the 12 wouldn't be good with the Bad Monkey too
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i haven't tried one, but if you plan to try then out, try some pedals with them, too. That's probably captain obvious to the rescue
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